Debt Consolidation

Struggling with high interest loans and have too many payments?

We are here to assist with a comprehensive debt consolidation program that helps in managing your debts better

Debt Consolidation Loan

People are often saddled with multiple debts. Often, a debt consolidation loan can help you save thousand dollars each year. When set up correctly, a debt consolidation loans can help you achieve greater control of your debts with one payment as opposed to multiple debt payments to several creditors. Debt consolidation loans are very important in today’s economic climate, as credit card debt and personal debts have high interest rates that are increasing.

Struggling with high interest loans and have too many payments? We are here to assist with a comprehensive debt consolidation program that helps in managing your debts better. You will also pay lower interest rates so, in the long run, you will pay less interest.

Debt reduction is at the core of our business. We aim to eliminate unwanted and unproductive debts – such as payday loans, high-interest credit card debts via our debt consolidation program. We employ a variety of debt eliminating strategies that have been successful in the past.

 Our aim is to transform a client saddled with payday loans to a client with a disciplined investing strategy – that is a proud homeowner with investments such as shares and managed funds. We achieve this through various debt consolidation programs that we run for our clients to help with managing their debts and sticking to budgets. We offer comprehensive debt consolidation programs with monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews. The frequency of the budgeting package depends on each person’s cash flow situation and how motivated they are to change their financial situation.

Previous clients have benefited from debt collection in the following ways:

  • Credit card consolidation of multiple credit card debts into one debt – hence one repayment, lower interest rates, easier to manage.
  • Improvement of credit scores via our debt help program, as unwanted payday loans and other high interest debts may have a negative effect on your credit score.
  • Using the equity of your property to manage your debts effectively.
  • Avoiding unnecessary bank fees due to declined payments.
  • Seeing your bank accounts in credit at last.
  • Beginning to save for important future goals.
  • Having funds for holidays and family outings.

Debt Help

Debt Help is a unique service offered by Maz Capital to assess a client’s debt situation and offer financial advice to achieve their goals.

Our debt help service includes:

  • A comprehensive strategy for people with bad debts to achieve financial independence.
  • A fully legally compliant statement of advice with a written record of the advice.
  • In-house debt counselling to help identify bad spending patterns.

Debt help is a highly effective debt consolidation program that aims to guide people in eliminating their debts. The in-house debt consolidation program assists in forming long-term habits to not only eliminate debts, but also to move from a debt-ridden person to a someone planning to build an investment portfolio. In the long run, our debt consolidation program aims to save thousands of dollars for people that have unproductive debt.

Credit Card Consolidation

Australia has credit card problem. This credit card problem affects the ability of many Australians to achieve financial independence and freedom. Credit card consolidation can be achieved to help relieve stress of high interest rates and pay off debts faster and quicker.