Investment Portfolio

An investment portfolio is a group of investments held by a person or organisation.

We provide advice and guidance in creating and managing investment portfolios.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds – also known as managed funds –  are investment funds that are professionally managed by investment professionals. Individuals investors are able to invest directly into these funds and are able to gain the advantage of professional management of their investments, whilst being able sell the funds at their convenience. Mutual funds, however, include management fees paid to the fund management professionals.

Managed funds come in a variety of types and styles. These investment funds can take an active or passive approach. In addition to this, investment funds may invest in different types asset classes, such as shares, property, gold, copper, infrastructure, etc. In some cases, investment funds may be country-specific.

Where to Invest

Where to invest is a big question when it comes to investing. The question “Where to invest?” may be answered in two ways:

First, where to invest may be interpreted as what class of investments to invest in. For instance, depending on individual goals, it might be beneficial to invest in shares, managed funds, or property.

Second, where to invest might be interpreted as what geographical location one should invest in. You might want to invest in India or China. Depending on the global economic climate, you might invest in India or in Australia.

Share Portfolio

Creating a share portfolio is an important first step in establishing a disciplined investment strategy. A share portfolio needs to be set up with a disciplined investment strategy with monthly contributions. In addition to this, when creating a share portfolio, you need to consider the fact that a share portfolio is created on the foundation of disciplined investment objectives and requirements.

Investment Strategies

Having an investment strategy is essential, and this will vary from one person to another. For instance, depending on the risk appetite, some people may need a highly complex investment strategy, while others might require a very simple investment strategy.  Investment strategies need to be tailored to each person’s circumstances and needs.